What Al-ANWAR is about

Al-Anwar is a premium provider of solutions for the urban street scape encompassing urban design solutions, special street equipment solutions. It focused on quality solutions for the sophisticated urban environment..


Alanwar Factory Co. is a leading factory in Saudi Arabia in the production of street light poles, street lights, and lighting accessories. The factory was established in 1392 in the 1st industrial City in Riyadh and was developed in 1421 to integrate the production and manufacturing of interior and exterior lightings, to meet the constant demands on the products of the factory which have widespread customer bases in all cities of Saudi Arabia and Middle East. The company since then became a world-class company providing leading edge technology based solutions that will deliver to the highest standards of quality Design, Manufacture and Service. The company now is a premium provider of solutions for the urban street scape encompassing urban design solutions, special street equipment solutions. It focused on quality solutions for the sophisticated urban environment. The Company offers the client and their public space designers a tool to assist them in the creation of functional and memorable public spaces with state of the art infrastructure products for the city. We are confident that our revolutionary product ranges can be further customized to suit the needs of the project. With strong local presence in Saudi Arabia and Middle East region, we can support projects in all aspects. Our wide range of project experience, with the adherence to local and international standards and specifications, highly skilled in-house manpower and access to various specialist consultants, designers, suppliers have all provided us the capacity and required capability to handle high profile and international level projects.


The manpower comprised a mixed of highly educated and trained staff including managers and consultants, administrators, engineers, designers, technicians and welders, laborers and drivers.


Our manufacturing processes are executed by modern steel-making technologies with latest computerised and sophisticated machineries. The company has built a world-class production lines. Along with these machines, the company has advanced high tech equipment and tools including orbital welding machines,argon and CO2 welding machines, scissors, cranes, forklifts, tapping and drilling machines etc. Many other special heavy machineries and equipments are usually hired if needed from well recognized local vendors.


ALANWAR has production facilities with the capacity to produce up to 2000 pole per week. Furthermore it can accommodate all sub-assembled material required for 1000 poles at any one time whilst still being able to convert these materials into finished poles.

ALANWAR makes the above statement based on past performance. It has:

  • - Manufactured more than 80000 different poles in Saudi Arabia
  • - Reached production of up to 2000 poles per week
  • - Committed to deliver within 10 days from initial start-up ordering
  • - Supplied regular deliveries once production is underway

ALANWAR has its manufacturing facility based in in the 1st industrial City in Riyadh. It has a working area of 18350 (Square Meters) designated for the assembly and manufacturing of various poles, assorted components and streetlights and furniture. The facility offers generous access to supplies and customers which. All jigs, templates, parts and assembly departments have clear and identifiable sign marking to assist in safe, efficient and quality controlled production methods. All deliveries are inspected as per the quality control procedures laid by the company.


ALANWAR is committed to undertake all work including the manufacture and supply of goods and the provision of works and services in accordance with all applicable or nominated local and international standards. The company maintains the highest quality of its products that is due to the focus on manufacturing production and the best manufacturing processes using the latest technology and modern and sophisticated machinery under the supervision of a team of engineers and technicians with experiences and special skills. The company offers innovations and new designs products with accurate dimensions using high-quality raw materials in terms of quality, thickness, durability and resistance to external factors. It also gives great attention to the process of packaging for the preservation of its products from scratches and breakages.